Information For Hiring A Foreign Domestic Worker 

Documents Needed:

A. Local Employers:

  • ​You and your family's personal particulars i.e full name, NRIC number, birthday, address
  • Income Tax Notice Of Assessment
  • Copy of the Employer's Orientation Program Certificate ( for first time employers)

B. Employment Pass Holders

  • You and family's full name, birthdates and passport numbers & FIN and address
  • Employment Certification stating your FIN, commencement date, annual salary and designation
  • Copy of the Employer's Orientation Program Certificate (for first tim employers)

Compulsory Employer’s Orientation Program (EOP)

You need to attend the Employers' Orientation Program (EOP) if you’re hiring a foreign domestic worker for the first time. This will provide you with more information on your responsibilities as an employer.

Click to register for the EOP. You’ll be asked to pay $35.00 for it and the link for the course will be emailed to you. You can then log in using your singpass.

No singpass? Click to get one.

Foreign Domestic Worker Levy

Employers who are not Singapore Citizens have to pay a monthly levy of $300.00 to the government on top of the domestic helper's salary. However, Singaporeans who has no children below 16 year old or has no elderly people aged 67 years who are staying with them will not be eligible for the levy concession pf $60.00. We will assist you in completing a GIRO form-authorization for electronic direct debit mechanism, as a means to collect payments i.e. levy

It’s $60.00 levy if:

  • the employer or spouse has a child who is a Singapore Citizen below the age of 16 years staying in the same household as the employer; or
  • the employer/ co-residing spouse is a Singapore Citizen aged 65 years or above; or
  • the employer has an elderly parent who is a Singapore Citizen aged 65 years or above staying in the same household as the employer.

Other Services:

We provide the following services too

Work Permit Renewal: $ 150.00 (excluding insurance premium).

Home Leave Processing: $ 250.00

Direct Hire Process Found your own helper but too busy to do the paperwork? Call us for assistance and we’ll take it from there.

Transfer Maid If you’re looking for a helper whom you can interview in person, transfer domestic helpers are available. Call us and tell us your criteria and we will shortlist people for you to meet& interview

New Maid Processing Hiring a new helper involves a lot of paperwork and procedures. Not to worry, just select a candidate and we will bring her in in a few weeks’ time.

Home Leave A domestic helper is entitled to a vacation leave after completion of her 2 year contract and a paid leave of 15 days plus a return ticket. If she decides not to avail, the Employer should give her a monetary compensation depending on what was agreed during the contract signing.

The Philippine Embassy requires home leave documentation for a Filipino FDW. You may call us at 9756 7421 for more details.