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Information For Hiring A Foreign Domestic Worker


Documents Needed:



A. Local Employers:


·         Copy of NRIC (for Singaporean and Permanent Residents)

·         Copy of Income Tax Notice Of Assessment (more than $30,000 per annum)

·         Full Name, Birthdates and NRIC of other family members

·         Copy of the Employer's Orientation Program Certificate


     Note: a CPF statement will be required for those without Income Tax Assessment and processing time will be 7 working days.


B. Employment Pass Holders


·         Copy of Passport and Employment Pass or Dependant's Pass

·         Copy of Income Tax Notice Of Assessment (more than $30,000 per annum)

·         Copy Of Employment Certificate stating monthly income and commencement date

·         Full Name, Birthdates and Passport Numbers of other family member

·         Copy of the Employer's Orientation Program Certificate


Compulsory Orientation Program for Employers


With effect from 1 April 2004, all first-time employers of foreign domestic helpers

are required to complete and pass the FDW Employer's Orientation Program as one of the criteria for processing the domestic helper's work permit application and allow a day or two for the MOM systems to reflect that you have attended before submitting the application.

If your application is urgent, it is advisable to attend the course as soon as possible while conducting interviews to find the right helper for your family. If you have any questions about the Orientation Course, please call our office at 6732 9904/6732 8770. Please register according to the sequence of your name as it appears in your NRIC or Passport.

The main objective of the program is to educate new employers on their role and

responsibilities when employing a domestic helper.  A Certificate of Attendance can be printed after completion.


The two training institutes appointed to conduct the orientation program are:

-  PSB Corporation  ($20.00 for half day class)

Tel: 6885 1050 / 6885 1023



-  Singapore Polytechnic ($30.00 for on-line )

Tel: 6772 1288



Foreign Domestic Worker Levy


Employers who are not Singapore Citizens have to pay a monthly Foreign Domestic Worker levy of $265.00 to the Government on top of the domestic helper's salary. We will assist you in completing a GIRO form- authorization for electronic direct debit mechanism as a means to collect payments i.e. levy


If one of the employer is a Singaporean, a reduced levy of $170.00 per month is applicable if:


  • the employer or spouse has a child who is a Singapore Citizen below the age of 12 years staying in the same household as the employer; or
  • the employer/ co-residing spouse is a Singapore Citizen aged 65 years or above; or
  • the employer has a parent, parent-in-law, grandparent or grandparent-in-law who is
  • a Singapore Citizen aged 65 years or above staying in the same household as th employer. 

Processing Time


The Agency shall assess your situation if an on-line or manual application is required. Usually, we submit it online as MOM has made it convenient and efficient for Employment Agencies. Online applications take about 2-4 working days before we obtain a result while it takes 7 working days for a manual application result.


In case of rejection, the Agency shall assist you in preparing an appeal case to MOM for reconsideration.


In-Principle Approval


Once the application to employ an FDW is approved, the Agency shall process the $40,000.00 Personal Accident Insurance for your FDW and get a Banker's Guarantee for $5,000 on your behalf before the FDW officially starts to  work in your household. The levy billing will also commence on the same date of transfer.


Renewal of Passport

The work permit is granted for 2 years or depending on the passport validity of the worker. If the passport is less than 2 years valid from the transfer date, MOM will grant her a valid work permit one month before her passport expires. After renewal of passport, the FDW's work permit must also be renewed.

If the FDW needs to renew her passport in Singapore, there are separate documentation and fees required by the Philippine and Indonesian Embassies. You may call us at 6732 9904/ 6732 8770 for more details.


Home Leave

A domestic helper is entitled to a vacation leave after completion of her 2 year contract and a paid leave of 15 days plus a return ticket. If she decides not to avail, the Employer should give her a monetary compensation depending on the prevailing air ticket price to her home country.

The Philippine Embassy requires home leave documentation for a Filipino FDW. You may call us at 6732 9904/ 6732 8770 for more details.


The home leave application for an Indonesian helper is relatively simpler. However, the employer has to do the home leave application together with the FDW.

Employers Who Frequently Change Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW)


Employers will be required to attend an orientation program for those who have changed their domestic helpers five times or more within a year. MOM may also interview them to establish the reason for the frequent changes.





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