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Yuyun is presently working for a French family with 1 teenage son and living in a 3-storey house; she has been with them for more than a year. Her main duties are cooking and cleaning the house. She has previously worked for Chinese employers before and can clean the house, wash the laundry, ironing and cooking for more than 2yrs until they relocated to Malaysia. She has taken care of the elderly between Jan 2013 and Oct 2014 & and knows how to bathe the elderly, prepare food and feed the elderly, give medication, bring to the park etc. Yuyun has learned to prepare green salad, set a table, make fresh fruit juice, serve the guests some drinks, ratatouille, prepare meals for the family (roasted chicken & vegetables, potato salad, beef steak, hummus, salmon with lemon butter sauce, chicken paprika, lentil salad, quiche; Asian food like stir -fry dishes, chicen rice, rendang, gado gado, nasi lemak, nasi goreng, soto ayam,prawn with tomato sauce, squid salad and willing to learn new dishes. Interviews can be arranged on Sundays and can start work by mid Feb 2017 as the employers will relocate.

Widowed (36)
Ref: WHS-3254
Upd on 19-Jan-17

Fita is currently working for a Chinese employer with 2 children aged 2y and 4y old; she has been with them for a year by March 2017. Previously, she have experience in taking care of 5 months old and above from her previous employer. She knows how to change nappies, sleep with baby, bathe, toilet trained, prepare foods, send/fetch from school. She can play and do storytelling. Fita has taken care of dogs before and is willing to take care of dogs again. She can cook dishes such steamed fish, fried rice, curry rendang, fry bihon, abc soup, chicken curry, chicken rice, stir fry veggies, and she can follow recipe books. She can do cleaning, washing, ironing and mopping. Fita can be interviewed in person with prior notice. She is available to start work anytime.

Married (39)
Ref: WHS-3670
Upd on 16-Jan-17

Erna worked in Singapore for 6 years and has worked for her last American employers for 2 yrs. She have experience in taking care of 3 years old and above. She knows how bathe, toilet trained, prepare foods, send/fetch from school, she can play and do storytelling. She can cook dishes like chicken rice, chicken curry, spaghetti, asam pedas curry, steam fish, pizza, fry bihon, stir fry veggies and she can follow recipe books. She can do cleaning, washing, ironing, mopping and do marketing. Erna has gone back to Indonesia on mid December 2016 for a short break and is now available for phone or video interview and can come back in a week's time once hired.

Single (33)
Ref: WHS-3624
Upd on 12-Jan-17

Icha worked for a Chinese family with 2 kids now aged 2y & 4y and living in a 3 storey house. Her duties are helping to look after the kids by preparing their uniforms & meals, playing with them as the parents bathe them and send them to school.etc. They also have a family dog, a goldren retreiver whom she walks around. Icha also cleans the house, does the washing of clothes, ironing, meal planning & cooking. She loves to cook and can prepare 6 dishes including soup such as black pepper chicken, Indonesia food like ayam penyet, nasi lemak, nasi goreng; Chinese style dishes like chicken rice, sweet 'n sour fish, stir fry dishes, prawn with tomato sauce, cereal prawn and can follow recipe books. She has worked in Malaysia for 2 yrs and took care of children aged 10, 12, 14 and 17; her duties are just to prepapre meals and uniforms etc. Interviews can be arrange via phone.

Single (31)
Ref: WHS-3685
Upd on 06-Jan-17

Sosop has previously worked for an American couple for a year until they relocated to the US. Previously, she worked for other employers between 2004-2010 ( Chinese / Australian family of 5 adults) and then again in January 2010-June 2010 (Indian family 4 with 2 children aged 12y & 15). At present, she helps in doing the generalhousekeeping, marketing and cooking. She can cook Western & Asian food such as roasted chicken, green salad, lasagna, salmon grilled, rizotto rice; chicken rice, nasi lemak, steamed fish, tofu goreng, curry chicken, stir-fry noodles, braised pork, mee goreng & can easily follow recipe books; she can plan the menu and can set formal dinner table that she learned from her current employer who hosts parties every week. Interviews can be arranged anytime and can start work within 2 weeks after confirmation.

Married (40)
Ref: WHS-2530
Upd on 20-Dec-16
Nur works in Singapore since 2006 till now 7 local employers. Mainly housekeeping landed property. General household chores, marketing and cooking. She can cook like chicken rice, nasi lemak, curry, stir fry vegetables, steam fish, rendang, soto ayam and willing to learn. She's willing to take care toddlers and elderly. Nur is available for interview on Sunday.
Divorced (39)
Ref: WHS-3663
Upd on 23-Nov-16

Widi has recently looked after an 80yr old lady who was bedridden and she worked for them for 6months. She would bathe the old lady, give medication, prevent be sores, feed porridge. She went back to Indonesia last October and willing to come back anytime. Previously, she looked after an elderly for more than 4yrs who was bedridden and on tube feeding. Widi would feed him, bathe, transfer from bed to wheelchair,change adult diapers, feed him, grooming etc. She does not cook as her time was spent mostlly with the elderly but would love to learn and is able to catch up pretty fast. She did the cleaning and some ironing, her lady empoyer helped her with the laundry. Widi is willing to take care of the elderly or young children and phone interviews can be arranged anytime with prior notice and can start work anytime

Married (44)
Ref: WHE-1447
Upd on 15-Nov-16
Nur works in Singapore 7 years 5 Chinese employers. She takes care baby 2 months and toddlers. She bathe , play with them, send / fetch from school, bring to playground, change diapers and milk feeding. She do her own marketing, housekeeping and cooking. She can cook like tir fry vegetables,steam fish, nasi lemak, pork chop, chicken curry, cerial prawn, spaghetti and willing to learn other dishes. Nur is available for interview during her Sunday off.
Single (30)
Ref: WHS-3623
Upd on 22-Oct-16

Surtini has worked for her last Chinese employer for a total of 4y; the employer was a single lady living in a large apartment with 2 dogs. Previously, she worked for her first employer between May 2005 till Oct 2007 and took care of 2 kids then aged 3 & 7 when she started work. Her duties for this family was to do housekeeping, cooking, cleaning and marketing.She also would bring the kids in the playground, bring them to swimming lessons, read them story book and put them to sleep. She took also took care of a newborn baby for a year; she knows how to change nappies, bathe a baby, prepare baby food, take their temperatures and play with them. Interiews with Siti can be arranged through video call and she can start work in 2 week's time.

Widowed (42)
Ref: WHE-1520
Upd on 15-Oct-16

Khusnul worked in Singapore for 3 years with 2 Chinese employer. She worked for her first employer for 1 year and looked after newborn and 3 years old. The baby sleep with her and she does the night feeding, changing nappies, bathe and so on. She finished 2yr contract between 2014-2016 and looked after Ahkong 83 years old who was a diabetic. She bathe him, feeding, gave medication, bring him for check up and put him diaper. Khusnul does marketing, housekeeping and cooking. She did not cook while he was looking after the old man but she knows how to cook stir fry vegetables, chicken curry, noodle soup. porridge, fried beehoon, rendang, nasi lemak, lontong and many more. Willing to learn. Khusnul is available for interview anytime and can start work immediately.

Married (42)
Ref: WHE-1448
Upd on 15-Jul-16
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